Workin Wednesdays

I still haven’t touched that zigzag quilt, but I’m not bothered by it just yet. I’ve started drawing some simple geometric designs for a gift. It started with me looking at a bunch of modern, solid fabric quilts & then I sat up in bed and thought of lettering. Then I decided on college football blankets that you can roll up for travel & use to keep toasty on the bleachers. Yeah, my mind seems to make odd connections like this all the time… Anyways, I sketched & erased & colored in my notebook until my hand hurt. Then I went to the computer for easier coloring. Oh, and I’m from Oklahoma, so I did OU & OSU. I went to Baylor, but let’s just say they aren’t know for the football… & living in Austin, I also did UT, but I don’t have any pics on my phone for some reason. Alright, back to real life…






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