tag, you’re it


Yesterday was the deadline for one of the Quilting Arts Magazine Reader Challenges called “Tag, You’re It!”. The goal was to create an 8.5″x11″ vertical quilt that incorporated text as a visual element. I really wanted to translate some sort of architecture using words, but everything I really liked would have required a horizontal view. So, I fell back to nature & started looking for something to inspire me. This year has been crazy for tornadoes & since I’m a born & raised Oklahoman, these storms have always been a part of my life. The stories I read about in Alabama & Joplin were heartbreaking, to say the least… So, an idea was born. The tornado says, “A home is more than wood and bricks.” It was made out of commercial cotton fabric & quilted with Isacord thread. It feels good to have something finished, too! I’ve got a million works in progress lying around here. Anyways, thanks for dropping by! -rebecca


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  1. […] got the new issue of Quilting Arts in the mail today & my little tornado quilt is featured in the “Tag, You’re It! Challenge” pages! I had to peel myself up off […]

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