tutorial time! my ruby silly bands quilt

Yay! I made a new quilt top yesterday and it was so easy that I thought I’d share how to make one of your own! It measures about 43″wide x 52″long, so it could make a nice gift for a toddler. But let’s step back…

Last week, I bought a Ruby Fat Eighth Bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop. When it got here, I carried it around with me all over the house while waiting for inspiration to strike. I thought about making a miniature-sized version of Swoon by Camille Roskelley, since all the cuteness came from her and her mom, but it seems like everyone has made that pattern & I’m not one to march to the beat of everyone else’s drum. Ahem. So, I set out to make something ridiculously simple and without one triangle to cut. Pesky bias! Here we go:

Pick out your five favorite prints from each of Ruby’s colorways- green, white, gray, red, blue, and pink. Starch and press each piece and try not to distort the edges.

Remembering that the gridlines are your friend, line up all five pieces in one colorway on top of your cutting mat and keep all your selvedge edges on the same side. True up the end of fabric & then cut out a 9″ square. Next, you’ll make two sets of 4.75″ squares by first cutting a 9.5″ x 9″ rectangle and then cutting off the top 4.25″ as scrap. Cut the remaining rectangle in half to get the two sets of smaller squares. Save the selvedge as scrap, too!

Place your 9″ squares onto the design wall by staggering the colorways along two rows. They should make an “M” shape across the quilt! The green row is a little weird because half of it is on the top and half is on the bottom…

Next you’ll place the smaller squares into place and this can get a bit tricky. In column 1, 3, & 5- the two smaller squares get sewn onto the block directly ABOVE the corresponding big square. In columns 2 & 4, they get sewn onto the block directly BELOW the corresponding big square. Yeah, that was even tricky to type, but hopefully the photos can help out!

When everything was situated correctly, I grabbed the bottom left corner block and got to work. Instead of drawing a line from corner to corner, I just pressed the smaller square in half. It also served another purpose as it let me preview exactly how the pattern was going to line up. You can’t goof up with the microdot patterns, but the scalloped lines got turned every which way on me! & that was no bueno…

Line up the little square in the corner and sew on the creased line.

Use a rotary cutter and ruler to create a quarter inch seam allowance. Save the triangles for scrap!

Woot… One seam down, one more to go…

This is what it looks like after the second square is sewn on.

And that, my friends, is a finished block. Allow yourself a pat on the back and possibly an ice cream sandwich.

Of course, you could continue in this fashion and sew each block together one at a time. However, if we want to get this sewn to-to-today junior, we’ll need to implement some chain piecing! Take a whole row off the wall and press all the little squares in half before going to the machine. Then chain sew one little square onto each big block in the entire row. Remove from the machine, clip each unit apart, trim the seam allowances, & run them all back through the machine with the little squares on the other side. Repeat until you are done or you are sick the monotony or sewed the wrong little square onto the wrong block and have to locate your seam ripper post haste. Not that I know anything about that…

This what they look like when they are all sewn up. So happy…

Working in rows, join each block to the one next to it. Pin well if you want accurate intersections and press afterwards.

Now sew the units in row one to row two. Repeat and sew row three to four. I forgot to take a pic at this point because I was sewing like the wind and forgot. oops.

Now sew into three complete rows and join them all together into a finished top!

And there you go! I made a cute little quilt and I have lots of ruby scraps to play with on another weekend. Have a happy monday! rebecca


3 thoughts on “tutorial time! my ruby silly bands quilt

  1. JLew says:

    Thank you! I don’t know how anyone has time to blog and sew and iron, so I appreciate your awesome tutorial! You have excellent taste.

  2. marty mason says:

    I love it and now I know how to make my very own! Thanks for a great tutorial with perfect pictures that are worth much more than a thousand words!

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