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This is the miniature quilt I made this summer, in hopes of being displayed in a special doll quilt exhibit at the Houston Festival. I posted a preview before, but I wanted to share the whole thing now that there’s no high stakes judging going on! She’s about ten inches square & fits onto that little bed my Steven built for me. We actually went out into a field & cut down a tree to make it! Haha He is soooo proud of that bed, let me tell you! He feverishly worked on it for two days straight. Anyways, the quilt was appliqued by machine with tiny blanket stitches & then quilted with a McTavishing design that I will never attempt at such a small scale EVER again. The flowers and buds were then free-motion sketched in white thread on white fabric and cut out. I immediately didn’t like them, so I grabbed a marker and painted them hot pink. Then I tacked each of them down in the middle to leave the edges loose & three dimensional. But the end of the story is that she didn’t get picked to be in the special exhibit. :’-( So, in lieu of Houston, she’ll just have to settle for prettying up my blog….

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