i survived houston for another year


I am so tired!! My feet are very angry with me!! But I feel energized & excited to start new projects & experiment with new techniques. On Wednesday, I took a class with Hollis Chatelain & it was filled with tips & tricks for working with thread. She opened my eyes to the power of fluorescent threads & I ended up buying several spools to test out. She also quilts all her works with mono-poly thread in the bobbin & that might make my life easier! I can’t tell you how much I obsess over the stitch quality on the backs of my quilt. I just can’t stand seeing those occasional loopy things and bad stitches. But imagine if they were all invisible!! Awesome. Um, then I got lost on some sort of M.C. Escher-esque staircase while trying to leave the building! Hello! There were like eight sets of staircases to choose from for every ten feet you descended. Bizarre. Then today was all about walking & shopping & looking at gorgeous quilts. I bought all kinds of thread from Superior & various doodads from Sharon Schamber. There was a vintage jewelry shop with an enormous flower ring that had to go home with me. I have small fingers (they are all size 5 or 6- even my thumbs!) & big, chunky costume jewelry rings always seem way too big for me. & this little ring fit perfectly & cost $6. Score! Then I happened upon a fabric shop from Hawaii that called out my name. It was like a heaping helping of Japan right in the middle of Texas! So, I grabbed all the fabric I could afford & then added some more. & lastly, we hit up the other side & took in all the quilts. It was inspirational, to say the least… Tucked in a back corner was an awe inspiring quilt that I stared at for way too long. It celebrated the quilter’s first grandbaby & she sprinkled photos of the little girl’s first year of life all around the quilt. One photo looked just like me as a baby because we share the same chubby cheeks! My baby face consisted of 75% cheeks. I was a human chipmunk. Anyways, I’m posting some photos of my adventures below. There was no photography in my class, so you’ll just have to imagine that! Happy quilting! Rebecca












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