off to see the wizard…


I think I’m finished! I might add a bow to the corner, though… Anyways, my lightbulb moment took me back to how the Wizard of Oz told the Cowardly Lion that he really was courageous on the inside, & the real problem was that he lacked a medal to prove it to the world. I thought maybe I would have more courage, too, if I had my own medal. So, now this little piece is hanging on the wall right by my desk & maybe it will help push me farther than I think I can go. Yay! Happy quilting, Rebecca




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5 thoughts on “off to see the wizard…

  1. Mitzi Ann says:

    That is really beautiful!

  2. missy k. says:

    I love this. What an amazing idea. I would have never thought of this in a million years. HOw did you finish the edge of the medalion?

    • rebecca says:

      Thank you!! To finish, I just cut it out very close to the last row of quilting. The silver foil prevents the fabric from fraying & the batting is so compressed that it made a clean white edge all the way around.

  3. Liam A. Black says:

    Hi Rebecca ,That is awesome! Can you please drop me an email to see if it is posdible for me to purchase one at

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