Monthly Archives: December 2011

inspiration from the strangest places!


This is wallpaper from the inside of a McDonald’s!!! Hello!!! I could totally adapt this into wonderful, flowy stitches. & if the line for the drive thru hadn’t been so ridiculously long, then I never would have went inside & seen it. Funny how the universe works sometimes…

still working…


This was after two layers were stitched down & I was almost done gluing down the darkest part.


Now, it’s mostly stitched and sitting in the sink to let the sulky dissolve away. I’ve still got to add a highlight layer of appliqué & a base layer of poodle fur texture with some peach thread. & I’m thinking about what I can do with thread to create more dimension. Where are my notes from Hollis Chatelain’s class??? Aaagh!!!! Anyway, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!! Happy quilting!!

oh, art quilts… how thee scare me


I’m still at that stage where I think I’m out of my mind. But I’m going to keep layering up the fabric & sulky & thread. My mantra for today- It will get better!! It will start to make sense!!! You are an artist!!!

i finished



I finished sewing the face on & attached some magnetic purse snaps to make it secure while wearing. All in all, a cute project! In designing it, I tried to limit the pattern size to three sheets of standard US letter paper, so it would be easy to print & tape together. But I think the next one will be longer… Anyways, I actually finished something this month!! It’s been so hectic, I didn’t think it would happen! Pats on the back for everyone if you’ve sewn something this December!! 🙂

fixin’ up the 8 to 5


I work in a boring, gray office that has zero stimulation, so I decided to get festive! One of my coworkers got a new chair mat and was going to throw out the tall box it came in. I immediately swooped in & took the box back to my office to create my fireplace. I found a monitor box to create the surround & covered both boxes in print outs of a brick wall. Then, I used the lid from a box of copy paper to make the mantel. After adding a fireplace screensaver and various Christmas-y accoutrements across the top, my ugly office is party central! I should bring marshmallows! Lol

more late night sewing!


I stayed up wayyyyy too late last night, so I’m hitting the hay a few hours earlier. I’m so close to finishing this little project that I keep pushing myself further than I should. But she’s almost got a complete face now!!! So cute!