Monthly Archives: February 2012

parson gray action


Finally got to do some patchwork this evening. It’s proving to be quite the jigsaw puzzle to put together, though. So, I’m taking my thinking cap off for the night & hitting the hay! Goodnight, quilty world! -rebecca

time flies!


Wow, it’s been too long & I have nothing to show for it!!! I still have tons of projects juggling in the air, but life has been getting in the way. I think I mentioned that I was making baby quilts for my big brother & his wife. They *were* expecting twin boys in mid-April, but they came out early! Like 10 weeks early! I literally drove up to Oklahoma City for her baby shower on one weekend & had to drive back up one week later for their birth! But the twins, Gabriel & Gadriel, are doing great & should get to go home from the NICU in a few weeks. Their momma is good, too, so far. & those baby quilts? I have stacks of fabric waiting to be cut!! Oh well. I have a few other things up my sleeves that are testing my patience in new & different ways, but hopefully everything will work out! Just bear with me & my lack of posting- I promise there is sweet news coming just around the corner!!!