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A quilt top for Gabriel & Gadriel

I finally finished this quilt top! I told myself that I couldn’t put anything else up on my design wall until it was finished, so I guess that lit a fire under me.  It’s about 36×42-ish and after a quick quilting in the ditch will be headed to Oklahoma for my big brother’s twin boys.  Which I will drop a gratuitous photo of them into this post right now:

Gavin & Chasity's twin boys

I took that photo about three weeks ago when they turned two months old, so they are probably twice as big by now!  Too cute.  But I guess this means I better hurry up and finish their quilt before its too small… Happy Saturday!  -rebecca

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i’ll just leave this here…

I belong to the Austin Modern Quilt Guild and they’re having a contest to redesign our logo, so I thought I’d give it the old college try. I’ve been inspired by the color wheel lately- and the illustrations of Patrick Hruby– so I sketched some letters and then just started playing around with shapes & colors. Let me tell you, the letter G was the most difficult & I have no idea why… It took me AGES to make something that resembled a G!!! I think it worked out, though. The deadline isn’t until May 31st, but I should be super busy by that time sewing up quilts for the IQA Houston deadline.

The light in my sewing room has been out for over a week, so I haven’t touched my machine in forever. We have really high ceilings and homegirl does NOT want to wrestle with our rickety ladder to change the bulb. So, I’ve been gently nagging my Steven to do it for me. And then nagging some more. And then maybe a little threatening thrown in for good measure after the first week rolled by… Anyways, yesterday I was working at my desk when I saw him walk by with a ladder and pack of lightbulbs. I had to spy on him very carefully for fear of spooking him. It was like watching a baby deer in the wild! But he actually changed it and I was so happy that I immediately suggested we go out and eat a feast in honor of his manliness. When we got back, I went in there, flipped the switch, and “ZZZZZZTT!!!” the light burned out again. Yikes. I’m guessing something is no bueno in the electrical wiring, but we shall see. Why am I telling this story? Oh yeah, since I haven’t been able to sew, I’ve been drawing new projects to make. Of course, I’ll probably never get around to making them, but it’s been fun to doodle. I fell in love with an Australian felt art piece that was a bunch of rainbow colored scallops, so I sketched something similar to make a little quilt. But truthfully, I need to re-focus on everything I’ve got going on already. We’ll see how it goes! Hopefully, I’ll have light in my sewing room tomorrow & be able to make some headway. Goodnight! rebecca

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moms part two…

Laser cut felt illustration

This image should look familiar if you’ve read my blog from last Mother’s Day. I was inspired by a French art installation and created a piece that celebrated my moms.  It’s been two years since she passed away & it just doesn’t get any easier…

ANYWAYS, on my first version, I cut out each hole from a piece of fabric and turned the raw edges under to the back.  It was easy work with the big holes and not so much as they got progressively smaller.  My bamboo skewer gave way to a tooth pick and after a while, I had my fill of tediousness & put the piece aside.

Close up of laser cutting

So, this year, I decided to turn to my old friend, Ponoko.  It’s a website that can pretty much make anything you dream of into a reality.  You can upload designs to be laser cut or etched onto hundreds of different materials.  They can 3D print anything. If you don’t have any art or CAD skills, they can find you someone who will do it for you.  It’s like a magic dream rainbow factory!  & if you’re thinking, “Well, that doesn’t sound very quilty!” Then let me entice you with the power to create your own acrylic rotary cutting templates!  Can you imagine?  Er. I’ve strayed off topic!  So, I uploaded an Illustrator file to Ponoko and requested that it be laser cut from 2mm thick, cream colored felt.  Then I waited a couple of weeks for it to come back home to me.

When I opened the box, it had a slightly singed smell, but I was able to take care of that by rubbing it with a cucumber face wipe.  And I also had to remove all the little bits from each hole- see below!

crumb city!

I’m sure you can imagine how fun it was to have these little bits o’ felt scatter all up in your living room!  I found a few nestled in my hair & had to furiously keep the cat at bay so he wouldn’t try to eat them.

But now I’m not sure how to finish this little project.  I was thinking about quilting in cream colored thread to create more texture and detail to her hair, but that might spoil the whole spare aesthetic thing going on.  Or maybe work in some tulle or something?  Or chop it down and put it on the wall and be done with it! Who knows…

FYI- Here’s the photo I used to create this whole project. I pray you can see a resemblance in the felt piece! lol

my momma

Sigh.  I love you, moms.  I miss you everyday.  Love, rebecca

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