Well, I wanted to submit an entry into Pink Chalk Studio’s Sewing Room Tour, but LAWD HAVE MERCY! Lol I’ve been so focused on making the rest of my new house pretty that I haven’t stepped foot into my studio- except to throw a box in there! No, that’s a lie, I did manage to paint the walls a soft gray color & I built all my Ikea bookcases, but that was it until today. I’ve been shocked by the stuff I’ve been unpacking! Look at this:

Just how many bottles of glue does one person need??? Lol I am most excited over my new chandelier!

It’s from Urban Outfitters and has the most vague installation instructions I’ve ever seen. & this is coming from a woman who just built two rooms worth of furniture using Ikea stick figure diagrams! So, if I don’t get electrocuted, this will jazz up the place quite nicely.
Anywho, oh! I also sorted my fabric stash by color for the first time & arranged it according to ROY G BIV. What an eye opener! I ended up running out of shelves because I separated out all my precuts, giant yardages, velvet, leather, silk, tulle, etc. I’ve got quite the task ahead of me, I think. Plus, I have yet to build my giant design wall or even unbox my sewing machine! Oy. But it’s going to be a great space when I’m done. A room that I’ve always dreamed about… If I stand in the hallway, it almost looks clean! Ha!



4 thoughts on “chaos!!!

  1. Lisa Chin says:

    It is always great to record the messes as well as the clean. The room is looking good! Keep up the good work. The chandelier will be gorgeous.

  2. Connie says:

    You’ll be busy but it will be a beautiful room when you’re done!

  3. Claire Jain says:

    LOL! It’s not just you. The whole sewing space thing has motivated me to do a deep clean and reorganization as well. Since I went on the AMQG retreat, I’m trying to clean it up before I put everything I took back in its place. I’m making progress, but I’m ready to get sewing again 😀

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