thar she blows!

Xerxes the whale


This is Xerxes the whale!  (I asked my sister to name it & the first name that popped out was Xerxes.  Such an odd child… But I remember naming one of my childhood cats “Thomas Cola”, so I guess what goes around comes around.) Anyways, I’ve been working on her for about a month now. I actually finished her Thursday for a zippered pouch exchange at my local modern quilt guild.  But there was some drama ’round these parts & I wasn’t able to go to my meeting.  She’s been hanging out on my cutting table ever since and I started noticing all the things that were bugging me about her- seam lines were off center, the tail was wonky, etc.  So , I totally ripped her apart again this morning.  But I digress!  She started about a month ago when I made a clay sculpture of a half whale…


I used Crayola air dry clay from Target.  Thank God for Back to School sales!  Anyways, while it was about 75% dry, I draped it with muslin and made pattern pieces to test out in paper…


When I was satisfied, I busted out my beloved stash of Mendocino fabric by Heather Ross.  I love this line of fabric so much that I’ve been too afraid to make anything out of it!  But Xerxes seemed to be calling out for the ocean, so I sucked it up and cut out my pattern pieces before I could think about what I was doing.  To make it stand up on its own, I used ByAnnie’s Soft & Stable and used polyfil stuffing in the tail.


There was much wrestling involved with that zipper, let me tell ya.  It required a buttload of pins and I still managed to break a needle from shifting fabric. Oy.

I’m working right now on finishing the rest of my QuiltCon Block Challenge entries.  I did the easy one first:

& now I’m working on another one to stick with the Texas theme.  So… That was my week so far!  Fun times… Happy quilting!  rebecca

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2 thoughts on “thar she blows!

  1. Amelia says:

    Hi Rebecca! I found your blog through the MQG post about the beautiful quilt being auctioned at quiltcon. Anyway, I am in love with your Texas block! I’m from Houston and currently displaced to Washington, DC, and I would LOVE to make a Texas, too. I don’t have any experience paper piecing, but I am eager to learn and would appreciate any insight you can share about how I might make a Texas of my own (maybe a whole Texas quilt to keep me warm in the DC winter!) Your blog is awesome and your work is pretty amazing, too!

    • rebecca says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Actually, my Texas block wasn’t paper pieced. I made it in a weird way. The block was drafted and I divided it into easy rectangle shapes that were cut into templates. I sewed a fat quarter of white to another of blue & lined up my templates along the seam. Then I cut the pieces out & sewed them back together. This caused some bias edges, but I was careful & they didn’t stretch too bad. I’ll look for my pattern & will try to post it soon…

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