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OMG!! I am so honored!!!! Go Texas!!

The Modern Quilt Guild

This is part of a series of posts about the QuiltCon Block Challenge.  You can see more photos of blocks submitted for this challenge here, and in the Block Challenge Flickr Group.   

Today’s blocks are all QuiltCon-specific in one way or another.

Block by Sarah Chin

I love this giant patchwork representation of the logo. It will be a perfect addition to the raffle quilt.

Block by Rebecca Roach of the Austin MQG

Rebecca did such a great job of replicating the shape of Texas. What a great way to celebrate QuiltCon’s location!

Block by Karen Alexander of the Austin MQG

Pattern is adapted from the book Creature Comforts by Barbara Brackman and Marie Shirer.

According to Karen, the armadillo is an important animal in Austin culture, so I think this little guy will be right at home on the raffle quilt.

Block by Dani Miller of…

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I sketched this out yesterday during my lunch hour & started sewing last night.

a tip for turning under!

I’m diving in a bit to one of my QuiltCon show projects and I have a million little triangles to sew together.  So, to keep my sanity(!!), I am turning under some of the seam allowances to perfectly place them onto the adjoining piece.  I can then glue everything together prior to sewing a quarter inch seam and remove much of the guesswork.  To help speed this turning under process, I have a method that involves the above tools- a 6 inch ruler, a sharp hand sewing needle (sorry it’s hard to see in this photo!), and a mechanical pencil.  I should mention this pencil is a Sewline Chalk pencil that I won from Moda BakeShop, so I had to find a thicker than normal needle.

Okay, first remove the lead (or chalk) from the mechanical pencil by holding down the button and pulling it out.

Next, hold the button down again and place the sewing needle into the end of the pencil. Push it far enough in so that the mechanism inside the pencil grabs onto the needle when you release the button.

BE CAREFUL, YO!! Keep the point away from you at all times!! Now, take your fabric piece and use the ruler to find your quarter inch seam line.  Apply medium pressure to the needle and draw it down along the side of the ruler to score a fold line into your fabric.

When you’re done, this is what it will look like and the seam will turn under like buttah.

And you can do curved seams, too:

Can you feel all your applique woes melting away with this technique?? That’s how I feel.  I now have a multitasking chalk pencil with a super soft finger grip that can do half my work for me.  I stood at my cutting table and churned out perfectly turned under triangles like a machine and my hand doesn’t hurt one bit. And when I’m done, I can pop out the needle and slide the chalk back in for marking up a quilt design!

Woot!  rebecca

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This one’s been brewing a while…


I’ve imagined a tote bag that looks like a fringed ndn shawl for almost a year now & decided to take action! I’ve spent the past couple of days collaging together some Anna Maria Horner & maybe some of that Kaffe Fassett print onto what is apparently the world’s slipperiest navy blue gabardine. It is pinned within an inch of its life to my design wall! Next, comes handwork- since I have all that perle cotton courtesy of Moda Bakeshop!- and then I’ll construct the bag. The cowrie shells and jingles are for decorating the sides of the tote & then the last step will be hand tying all that fringe to the bottom. & let me tell ya, tying fringe is an infinitely more boring task than sewing down quilt binding…. Argh. Oh well! Hopefully I will wrap the up quickly so I can start my first QuiltCon competition quilt!! Yay!! I’ll post more pics as I go!