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ImageI finished a new project this weekend! It’s a tiny little zippered pouch that’s just over 3″ square.

ImageI’ve had these cabochon rings from Kailea on Etsy that I thought would make a good 3D camera lens for the Instagram icon & went from there.  I printed an image of the lens and the viewfinder onto fabric through my inkjet printer and then covered it with iron-on vinyl to get the shiny effect. Then I inserted the lens into the cabochon ring & pieced the viewfinder into the top part of the camera face. I drafted a pattern that was basically a miniature version of the Craft Passion Pencil Case pattern, but the zipper only runs partway, so there’s only one internal gusset.



ImageI pieced the rainbow strap, backed it in my liner fabric, and sewed it into the side seam on the back side of the pouch. To finish it, I hot glued two pieces of scrap leather with a magnetic clasp onto the end and positioned the other part of the clasp onto the face of the bag.

ImageFor the back, I printed a photo onto fabric, covered it in vinyl, and pieced it into the side of the bag.  The whole bag was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever sewn.  Like, pull your hair out insanity sewing…  I had to think in three dimensions & constantly remind myself of what faces what & how what I’m doing now will affect my project three steps later. When I ended up flipping everything right side out, the photo was HORRIBLY wrinkled.  HORRIBLY. I thought it was ruined, actually, because how do you fix wrinkled vinyl???  But I stuffed the bejesus out of it with Poly-fil & was able to iron out the wrinkles by covering the vinyl with it’s protective cover paper from earlier.  I neglected to do that on the other side & accidentally touched the viewfinder with the iron tip.  The vinyl bubbled up and pulled away in that spot, but I don’t think it looks too bad.  Overall, I am happy! I came up with the idea and drafted the pattern on friday, bought the supplies and sewed on Saturday, then finished up everything in time for a photo shoot on Sunday.  Yay. Now, it’s onto the Madrona Road Challenge for the Modern Quilt Guild.  I’ve only got two and a half weeks! Yikes! rebecca

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new digs

I got a new theme for the first time in three years. Has it been that long?  I don’t remember! Anyways, I made about 14 different headers for the top and they randomly pop up, so I’ve spent waaaaaayyyyy too much time clicking on “home” and then “about” and vice versa trying to see what they all look like.  I’m a nerd, what can I say? Well, to tell you the truth, I have to clean my sewing room because it’s a hot mess. So, I think I’m procrastinating by doing all sorts of computer-y things, ya know?  Oh well.  I’ll get back into the swing of things soon & finish up a few projects I’ve been meaning to do.  & now I’m off to bed! r