five things about moi


The Modern Quilt Guild has asked bloggers who are going to QuiltCon to write a post with five things that most people don’t know about you. So, without further ado…
One- I’m left handed! I definitely believe that it’s colored the way I see things & makes me march to my own beat. Certain tools are such a pain the the butt to use- don’t get me started on right handed mafia that apparently manufacturers most brands of scissors….
Two- My favorite food is anything made from potatoes. Anything… Just writing this has made me wish for French fries. Here’s a pic of my plate on Super Bowl Sunday:

I ignored half my riblets & did work on those pan fried fingerling potatoes…
Three- I danced ballet for almost nine years & was quite passionate about it. My schools were the serious kind where girls went to prep for the big leagues- we couldn’t wear skirts or cute wrap around sweaters to practice, we couldn’t wear jewelry or have bangs (!), & wearing your costume or even your makeup out of the theater after a performance was a mortal sin… Once, I missed a dress rehearsal by accident & while I was digging into my second helping of mashed potatoes, the kitchen phone rang. It was the artistic director of Ballet Oklahoma, Bryan Pitts, calling to tell us that my ass better be at the Civic Center in 15 minutes or else. Well, my aunt raced me across town & I was met at the backstage door by two assistants who stripped me naked & into costume within 60 seconds! Hello, Vicar! Haha But then puberty hit me with a bang & I realized there’s no room in the world of ballet for 5’8″ tall girls with big boobs! So, that dream sadly ended. But the structure & discipline of the ballet world has stuck with me. I step lightly even now…
Four- The first concert I ever went to was on the lawn of the Oklahoma City Community College & Three Dog Night performed. I think I was about seven or eight & my moms & stepdad took me. To this day, I can sing all their songs. & I’m pretty sure I was eaten alive by chiggers that day.
Five- I miss my big family. I grew up in my grandparents’ home & we always had a TON of people over. Aunts. Uncles. Cousins. Second Cousins. I HATED IT! I would lock myself in the bathroom just to read my books. Literally, there would be people in every corner & they all wanted to be up in mah bidness!! But now my home consists of me, my Steven, & Tonka the cat. I catch myself wondering where everyone is at sometimes… Last weekend, I made a quick trip home & nine of us all went out to eat at Johnnie’s Charbroiler. NINE PEOPLE! & it did my heart a world of good. 🙂

Because I’m an overachiever, here’s a sixth fact- I’m the only person in my family who sews. & if I ever try to talk shop about my quilts, they act like I’m reading verbatim from a set of stereo instructions. Oh, the yawns… This is part of the reason why I love my local guild! They not only appreciate the aesthetics of what make, they want to know about the process behind it & actually understand what I’m saying! QuiltCon is going to be so
much fun, if I can get over my terrible shyness! So, if you see me & recognize who I am, please say hello! I’d love
to hear from you. & I might even have some swag to give you from my magical QuiltCon Tote Bag O’ Mysteries!!! Woot! I’ll post a photo of it next week so you’ll recognize me! See ya then! I’ll be posting about everything on Instagram @rebsrecca!

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4 thoughts on “five things about moi

  1. gailwood says:

    Charming post, very engaging from another lefty overachiever.

  2. Claire Jain says:

    Yay 🙂 These are such fun things to know! I was a dancer, too, from 3-14. I wanted to be on the dance line/drill team when I got to high school though, and it was frowned upon. After that, I couldn’t schedule enough ballet classes along with danceline practices to keep taking pointe, so ballet had to go. I was danceline captain senior year, though, and I have no regrets 🙂

  3. Carol Gregg says:

    I’m soooo hungry for some fried potatoes now! Thanks for the wonderful picture and all your project posts!

  4. Holly says:

    Lefties unite! Great to meet you briefly today! I’ve got to make sure I direct you to the roller derby fabric collection on Spoonflower. It’s designed by my friend, Cynthia Frenette.

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