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schnitzel & boo mini swap

Mini CoverWhew… I was supposed to mail my mini quilt for the Schnitzel & Boo swap last friday, but my fingers wouldn’t let me.  They put up a protest after I finished the embroidery and moved onto the hand quilting.  But hey, it’s going in the mail tomorrow, so I’m not too late! I hope…

Detail 1

Detail 2


I wanted the quilting to provide texture only, so I sewed horizontal lines in a 100wt gray silk by Superior Threads.  I went around the strawberries which gave them a nice trapunto effect: 

close up


The edges are finished with a facing technique that uses folded triangles on the corners:

facing corner


Since the quilt is only 8.5″x11″, the triangles allowed me to stick in unsharpened pencils as a hanging device.  The top pencil hangs nicely on a nail and the bottom one keeps everything flat and square:



Anyway, I hope my partner likes it.  It has a trip across the pond coming tomorrow!  Yay!



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giveaway winnahs!

Thank you to everyone who commented!! It looks like we’re all busy for the holidays. I put all the Farm to Fork people in one list & had choose for me, so congratulations Catrin!!!!! I will email you shortly for your mailing address. And for Ninjas Don’t Sweat, the winner is Jenn! I’ll email you, too. Thanks for playing, everyone!

BTDubs, here’s what I accomplished this weekend:

I improv pieced some strips from my Botanics roll & used carbon paper to trace the outlines of an antique botanical print. I’ve been embroidering over the lines with a mix of chain & split stitches using black Aurifil 12wt thread. There will be fabric appliquéd over where the strawberries go & then I’ll chain stitch around them, too. Then I’ll quilt it & finish the edges with a facing. Whew. Good thing it’s only 9″ tall or else my fingers would have already fallen off!!! Anyways, happy Monday, y’all!!! -r