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I just noticed this was published loud & proud over on the Austin City Stitches website, so I guess I can talk about it now- I’m going to be teaching not one, not two, but… Wait for it… THREE classes in Feb & March at their store! Woot! It’s been in the works for a while now, so I’m glad it’s almost here. Here are the class descriptions straight from their site or you can peep their full class list by clicking here:
Beginning Sewing – Modern Quilting 101

This class will provide an overview of modern quilting vs. traditional, contemporary, art, etc. Learn how to use basic quilting tools and techniques while creating a modernized disappearing 9 patch quilt. Students should already have a good basic understanding of their sewing machine and basic sewing skills.
*HANDS-ON CLASS – bring your machine and accessories.*
Supply list at registration.
Fee: $90.00(9 hrs)
Saturdays, Feb. 1, 8, & 15, 10:30 – 1:30
Instructor: Rebecca Roach
Project Class – Popsicle Quilt

The Popsicle Quilt is a modern design that incorporates the principles of negative space and asymmetry. It’s constructed using basic piecing and an adapted version of the Five Minute Circle technique. Students will learn to create and use freezer paper templates that make sewing curves easy. This technique can also be used for any kind of circle or curve, so it’s a good one to add to your quilting toolbox. At the end of class, you’ll leave with a completed quilt top and more confidence in sewing circular quilt blocks.
*HANDS-ON CLASS – bring your machine and accessories.* Supply list at registration.
Fee: $45.00(6 hrs)
Saturdays, Mar. 15 & 22, 10:30 – 1:30
Instructor: Rebecca Roach

Techniques – Quilt Binding 101

After quilting a project, there is a multitude of ways to finish off the edges. In this class, we will explore different types of binding techniques – from satin stitches to facings, to both straight grain and bias binding. Learn how to choose which one is appropriate for your project and how to apply it quickly and successfully every time!
*HANDS-ON CLASS – bring your machine and accessories.*
Supply list at registration.
Fee: $35.00(3 hrs)
Wed, Mar. 5, 6:30 – 9:30
Instructor: Rebecca Roach

This whole teaching business has got me excited for three reasons:
1. I’m getting a chance to teach something that I love!!!! Well, binding isn’t exactly in love with me, but whatever…
2. I’m helping out my North Austin peeps with their quiltin’ needs, yo!! No need to drive 20 miles to find a modern quilt!
3. The store is next door to Aquatek Tropical Fish. If I make you snore snooze in class, then you can go over & feed piranhas or whatever they have in their tanks… Ooh, their website says they have a Foxface Rabbitfish in stock!! Now you *have* to take a class so you can find out what the hell it looks like… Or a Thick Lip Swordtail Festivum. Ha. I made that up. Or did I?

Anyways, call them up at Austin City Stitches 512-374-9712 & sign up for good times. r

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10 thoughts on “get your learn on!

  1. Emily T says:

    Congrats! Your popsicles are so cute!

  2. I just might have to sign up for this class. 6 hours away from the kids and I get to make that cute Popsicle quilt!? Hard to beat.

  3. Margie W says:

    Just discovered your site and love your work. Wish I lived close enough to come! Love the popsicle quilt. While surfing thru quilt websites today, I saw a quilt of yours which eventually led me to your site. I think it was called Broken Bars? But, for the life of me, I can’t find that post or photo anywhere. Was that yours, or do I have the name right? If so, it’s a great quilt and would be especially great for the guys on our lists. Any plans to sell a pattern of it? I sure hope so as I’d definitely make a few for the grand nephews when they graduate high school. I’ll look forward to now following your blog posts. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • rebecca says:

      Thanks, Margie!! I’m glad you like it! Broken Bars is one of my quilts & I made it for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Pattern of the Month program. Members of the guild were sent a copy in this month’s MQG newsletter. It will be released as a pattern for the general public next month after the February Pattern of the Month drops! So, if you join MQG, you’ll get 12 free patterns by different modern designers or you can wait a bit and buy Broken Bars at the Pattern Spot or Craftsy. Thanks!

  4. Corinne says:

    Congrats Rebecca!! This is so fun. I am 100% in love with your popsicle quilt and have been for a while…totally checking my calendar so I can hopefully sign up!

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