bling, y’all


Pay no attention to my ashy hand!! Lol My sewing machine Rory was being serviced at a local Bernina dealer for most of January, so I started some little appliqué projects. I usually do handwork while sitting on the couch & forever seem to knock my spools of thread off the armrest. It’s a pain, but even more so when the cat hangs out nearby & thinks falling thread is my attempt to play with him. After he batted a third spool underneath the couch, I had to lay down on the ground & reach into the abyss to find it- but also found two quarters & a tube of cherry chapstick, as well, so yay! Bonus. Anyways, that was the last straw. I broke down, ran a vacuum under my couch because it was gross, & decided to find a solution to my thread problems.

On of my side hobbies is jewelry making & I have an account at Rio Grande Jewelry Supply. I found a bronze ring blank that is intended as a base for metal clay work, but it screamed spool to me. I used my jeweler’s saw to cut a channel into the side for holding the thread end & mounted it onto a bobbin winder by squeezing a packing peanut inside. It took some manuevering, & careful finger placement to keep the thread from sliding up onto the peanut, but it wound full in about 30 seconds. Et voila!

I’m going to make one for each finger so I can be the Liberace of quilting. Anyways, I’m having a happy snowless Snow Day from work! Yay! -R

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5 thoughts on “bling, y’all

  1. I love that! I need it for my airplane sewing! What about bad ass quilting brass knuckles? Screw Liberace!

  2. Emily T says:

    Awesome! You should sell those for real girl!

  3. Linda B says:

    Gosh! I need to buy one of these for my Mom – she’d LOVE it!

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