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moving day


Well, I’ve packed my proverbial bags and moved over to I do love WordPress & it’s an incredible platform for blogging, but I had several reasons to make a switch:

1. My new web address is my name- Not any catch phrase or branding. Just me. It’s the most refreshing thing I’ve done in a while because I don’t feel tied down to just one aspect of my life. Even though I’ve always been able to write about anything I’m working on, it still felt icky to me when I posted something that wasn’t quilt related. I guess this reason is more for me that anyone else, though. 99% of my content will remain quilting, since that’s how I roll…

2. I was tired of all the junk on my site & wanted something that was clean- No buttons or sidebars or nonsense. After previewing a million themes, both free and paid, I just couldn’t find anything on WordPress that was as simple (yet beautiful!) as any of the themes on Squarespace. They are all lovely and have the same feel whether you look at it on a computer or phone or tablet. And I don’t have to pay anything extra to use Typekit or have to mess around with questionable plug-ins made by even more questionable people…

3. A calendar! Yes, this is a stupid reason and I could have gotten a plug-in to make a calendar on here, but it was a basic page option in Squarespace! Boom! Now I have a reason to visit my own website beyond being an admin. I’ve cut and pasted meetings and quilt show entry deadlines to give me a resource for project management. In the past, I had to go all over the damn internet to find deadlines & now everything is right here at my fingertips. Or rather, *will be* at my fingertips. It’s a lot of tedious work to pull deadlines, so I’m waging a war of attrition and posting a few at a time.

4. A future shop! I won’t have to go to Etsy or Big Cartel or any other site to make a storefront because it’s a built in feature. All I have to do is click a button to enable shopping and it will have the same look and feel as the rest of my site without any extra work. Now, I don’t know when I’ll offer anything for sale- I think I’ll just put up a page with links to my online patterns for now- but when I’m ready, there will be a home for mah steez.

5. Heather Ross uses Squarespace.

So, if you would, hop over to and see the wonderment I have going on over there. Update your links! (If you want, that is… I don’t know your life!) And have a happy Monday! -r


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