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Head on over to the Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog to check my tutorial for the magical QuiltCon Tote O’ Mysteries version 2.0!! I called it the Pocket Full O’ Geese Tote! ūüôā


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magical quiltcon tote bag o’ mysteries ver 1.0


I got all the kinks worked out of my new design. The next one will be awesome!!!

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TrinityI’ve been sewing for the past few weeks on all sorts of random things, so I thought I’d share a bit. ¬†This onesie is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. C’mon- garment sewing??! My sister-in-law asked me to make it for her brother’s daughter, who is set to be born in the next few weeks. ¬†His favorite video game was Halo, so she wanted to incorporate that into something a little girl would wear. Anyways, I hacked apart a Garanimals onesie to see how it was put together & then cobbled together all kinds of different parts to make this garment. ¬†All it lacks now are snaps & then I need to make a matching hat or headband and some shoes. ¬†My embroidery could be MUCH better, but hopefully she won’t be too upset about it. ¬†I didn’t want to use the preset fonts in my sewing machine, so I designed it on the PC and then thread painted the words. It’s not a smooth satin stitch & that’s my one regret… Here’s the back:


It’s three rows of tulle ruffles, which are adorable! ¬†I could sit here and fluff them for hours.

fluff fluff fluffThen next up was my entry for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Madrona Road Challenge:

Madrona Roach

It’s only about two feet high, so it didn’t take long. ¬†It’s my first finish of 2013, so that’s something!

I’ve got several other projects sitting in the wings. ¬†A Valentine’s quilt. Another Madrona Road mini quilt in the citrus colorway. A tote bag! Oh, the tote bag. ¬†It’s going to be so awesome, I can’t stand it! There aren’t enough hours in the day… Well, thanks for reading! ¬†& I’ll try to post more leading up to QuiltCon! ¬†rebecca





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ImageI finished a new project this weekend! It’s a tiny little zippered pouch that’s just over 3″ square.

ImageI’ve had these cabochon rings from Kailea on Etsy that I thought would make a good 3D camera lens for the Instagram icon & went from there. ¬†I printed an image of the lens and the viewfinder onto fabric through my inkjet printer and then covered it with iron-on vinyl to get the shiny effect. Then I inserted the lens into the cabochon ring & pieced the viewfinder into the top part of the camera face. I drafted a pattern that was basically a miniature version of the Craft Passion Pencil Case pattern, but the zipper only runs partway, so there’s only one internal gusset.



ImageI pieced the rainbow strap, backed it in my liner fabric, and sewed it into the side seam on the back side of the pouch. To finish it, I hot glued two pieces of scrap leather with a magnetic clasp onto the end and positioned the other part of the clasp onto the face of the bag.

ImageFor the back, I printed a photo onto fabric, covered it in vinyl, and pieced it into the side of the bag. ¬†The whole bag was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever sewn. ¬†Like, pull your hair out insanity sewing… ¬†I had to think in three dimensions & constantly remind myself of what faces what & how what I’m doing now will affect my project three steps later. When I ended up flipping everything right side out, the photo was HORRIBLY wrinkled. ¬†HORRIBLY. I thought it was ruined, actually, because how do you fix wrinkled vinyl??? ¬†But I stuffed the bejesus out of it with Poly-fil & was able to iron out the wrinkles by covering the vinyl with it’s protective cover paper from earlier. ¬†I neglected to do that on the other side & accidentally touched the viewfinder with the iron tip. ¬†The vinyl bubbled up and pulled away in that spot, but I don’t think it looks too bad. ¬†Overall, I am happy! I came up with the idea and drafted the pattern on friday, bought the supplies and sewed on Saturday, then finished up everything in time for a photo shoot on Sunday. ¬†Yay. Now, it’s onto the Madrona Road Challenge for the Modern Quilt Guild. ¬†I’ve only got two and a half weeks! Yikes! rebecca

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modern quilt guild pincushion swap


The Austin Modern Quilt Guild is going to swap pincushions with several other chapters across the United States and Canada, so I decided to contribute two of my Zelma cuff pincushions! ¬†Since I didn’t have any of the restrictions that I had at Moda Bakeshop, I played around with materials. ¬†The turquoise is made from fabric I had printed. The strap is made of suede with silver Jones Tones foil over top & I am so happy about how it came out!! ¬†But it’s always tough trying to get your sewing machine used to a different material than it’s used to handling & I lost steam battling with Rory. ¬†So, the second cuff doesn’t have a felt lining because I couldn’t make myself sew one on it. ūüė¶


I think they turned out very pretty & I’m going to be sad to see them go…


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AMQG name tag

My local Modern Quilt Guild had a name tag challenge for the October meeting (which you can read about here), so, of course, I created something crazy. ¬†It started with me doodling out my name at work…


And then I started doodling free motion quilting designs until I found something I liked. ¬†Then I combined the quilting designs with the name and placed them into a crown-type shape. ¬†The strange thing is that I sketched everything the correct size! ¬†So, I combined everything and it just fit perfectly. ¬†Even stranger- I bought a cheap tiara from Hobby Lobby and my name tag fit perfectly across the front of it! From one side of the “diamonds” to the other. ¬†I’m like the Justin Wilson of sewing…

So, when I got home from work, I transferred the design onto a piece of Sulky Washaway stabilizer with a gold pen and pinned it onto some chambray and scrap batting.


Then, I started embroidering everything with a pretty thread of Presencia Perle Cotton. For the border, I did a heavy chain stitch that I learned from Mary Corbet’s NeedleNThread website.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of the rest of the process because I’m lazy! ¬†I cut away the excess batting and seam allowance around the piece and glued it to the back. ¬†Next, I cut my name out of hot pink felt and glued it in place before sewing a small zigzag around it with a variegated pink silk thread. ¬†I cut out a piece of fabric for the back, pressed the seam allowance to the back, and stitched it down to the front piece to hide all the ugliness. ¬†Finally, I whipstitched the completed name tag to the front of that cheap tiara and called it a day!


So, there you go.  Voila. My Steven says it looks nothing like a crown and I look more like a French Maid or WWI nurse.  Whatevs, yo!  I loves it.  Happy Saturday!!


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wow, i forgot how much work these puppies take!






My pattern called “Summer” is now live on! Yippee!!


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coming soon…


It’s been a long time since I’ve written a pattern… I think this little quilt is going to be my next project for PatternSpot. ¬†Woot! -rebecca

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I finished my portrait of Whoopi the poodle last night! She finished at 11.5″x11″. You may remember her from this post and this post waaaayyyy last December. ¬†She was supposed to be a Christmas gift(yikes!)¬†for my Aunt Kim, but I missed the deadline and decided to finish it later. ¬†But I had worked on it SO HARD that I felt burnt out and didn’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole. ¬†So, Whoopi got put into a project box and placed on a shelf. ¬†Not the actual Whoopi, mind you, she’s enormous and we couldn’t fit her on a shelf if we tried. ¬†Here’s a gratuitous action shot:

But now that I’m in my new sewing room, I got her out and decided to finish what I started. ¬†The original plan was to do a blue background with abstract piecing to mimic the original photograph, but it felt wrong when I took a good look at it on the design wall. ¬†Whoopi is clearly the star of the show (as in real life!), so in the end, I just kept her background plain and finished the edges with a facing. ¬†Here’s the original photo I got from my cousin Spencer:

He had put his aviator shades on her & she posed for him. ¬†She dearly loves accessories, might I add, & has been known to wear pearls on special occasions…

ANYWAYS, to design this art quilt, I took the photo and deconstructed into five layers of color using Illustrator. ¬†I then separated out each layer and printed them onto freezer paper so I could iron them onto the correct color of fabric. ¬†Then I laid a piece of clear, dissolve away Sulky stabilizer over top of each layer and traced the pattern pieces with a fine Sharpie to create a placement map. ¬†Once I had placement maps for each layer, I laid down my background fabric and lightly misted it with water. ¬†Then I laid down my first layer of Sulky and it stuck in place to the dampened fabric. ¬†Next, came the hard work of cutting out all those teensy tiny pieces of fabric and sticking them down to the placement guide. ¬†Once I had the first layer down, I zigzagged over top of them to hold everything in place, and set the project in a water bath to dissolve away the Sulky. ¬†Then I repeated it with the next layer. ¬†Then the next until it was complete. ¬†Some of the pieces were smaller than a grain of rice. ¬†I was working with my best Tweezerman tweezers to hold on to everything and to rip off the freezer paper pattern from the top of the piece after it was placed correctly. ¬†Whew. ¬†I’m tired again just from writing that! ¬†After that, I needed to add dimension to her through quilting and it proved very difficult due to the amount of threadwork on the piece. ¬†Here’s a detail shot:

In order to get the appropriate loft for her features, I had to stack four layers of wool batting underneath. ¬†FOUR LAYERS. ¬†It was scary. ¬†Almost like putting a couch cushion underneath your presser foot. ¬†But Rory (my sewing machine) and I persevered and added just enough dimension to really make her stand out. ¬†Here’s a side view to kind of show you what I’m talking about:

Pure craziness! ¬†But this is one of my favorite pieces ever. ¬†I love it to death! ¬†She’ll be packed up tomorrow and be shipped off to Edmond, Oklahoma. ¬†& I suppose this was as close as I’ll ever get to owning a dog!

I’m off to take care of more skeletons in my sewing closet! ¬†Have a happy Sunday! -rebecca

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my love for target grows & grows

Here’s my latest addition to the sewing room- a little design wall for my miniatures and art quilts. ¬†It’s made from signage that I scored back when I worked for Target.

Here’s two more of the signs:


I think they were from a Mother’s Day campaign about five years ago, maybe? ¬†Anyways, I saw them and fell in love immediately. ¬†My signing specialist told me he would put as many aside as he could when the next advertising campaign had to go up. ¬†So, I have two square ones that are about 3 feet tall and two bigger ones that are about 3 feet by 4 feet. ¬†They are all extremely lightweight! ¬†I mean, who wants a heavy sign dropping on their head while waiting in the checkout lane, right? ¬†Anyways, one of the larger ones was missing the cardboard in the center, so it wasn’t too stable & I used that one as my guinea pig design wall. ¬†I cut a piece of modular foam insulation to fit the opening and wrapped it in the scrap batting from my old design wall. ¬†Then I stapled the crap out of it! Then, I stapled the board to the sides of the frame create a more rigid structure:


I’ll hang it up opposite my gigantic design wall sometime tomorrow when it’s a more reasonable hour in the day to use power tools… Good night! -rebecca


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