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moving day


Well, I’ve packed my proverbial bags and moved over to I do love WordPress & it’s an incredible platform for blogging, but I had several reasons to make a switch:

1. My new web address is my name- Not any catch phrase or branding. Just me. It’s the most refreshing thing I’ve done in a while because I don’t feel tied down to just one aspect of my life. Even though I’ve always been able to write about anything I’m working on, it still felt icky to me when I posted something that wasn’t quilt related. I guess this reason is more for me that anyone else, though. 99% of my content will remain quilting, since that’s how I roll…

2. I was tired of all the junk on my site & wanted something that was clean- No buttons or sidebars or nonsense. After previewing a million themes, both free and paid, I just couldn’t find anything on WordPress that was as simple (yet beautiful!) as any of the themes on Squarespace. They are all lovely and have the same feel whether you look at it on a computer or phone or tablet. And I don’t have to pay anything extra to use Typekit or have to mess around with questionable plug-ins made by even more questionable people…

3. A calendar! Yes, this is a stupid reason and I could have gotten a plug-in to make a calendar on here, but it was a basic page option in Squarespace! Boom! Now I have a reason to visit my own website beyond being an admin. I’ve cut and pasted meetings and quilt show entry deadlines to give me a resource for project management. In the past, I had to go all over the damn internet to find deadlines & now everything is right here at my fingertips. Or rather, *will be* at my fingertips. It’s a lot of tedious work to pull deadlines, so I’m waging a war of attrition and posting a few at a time.

4. A future shop! I won’t have to go to Etsy or Big Cartel or any other site to make a storefront because it’s a built in feature. All I have to do is click a button to enable shopping and it will have the same look and feel as the rest of my site without any extra work. Now, I don’t know when I’ll offer anything for sale- I think I’ll just put up a page with links to my online patterns for now- but when I’m ready, there will be a home for mah steez.

5. Heather Ross uses Squarespace.

So, if you would, hop over to and see the wonderment I have going on over there. Update your links! (If you want, that is… I don’t know your life!) And have a happy Monday! -r



seeing stars


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bling, y’all


Pay no attention to my ashy hand!! Lol My sewing machine Rory was being serviced at a local Bernina dealer for most of January, so I started some little appliqué projects. I usually do handwork while sitting on the couch & forever seem to knock my spools of thread off the armrest. It’s a pain, but even more so when the cat hangs out nearby & thinks falling thread is my attempt to play with him. After he batted a third spool underneath the couch, I had to lay down on the ground & reach into the abyss to find it- but also found two quarters & a tube of cherry chapstick, as well, so yay! Bonus. Anyways, that was the last straw. I broke down, ran a vacuum under my couch because it was gross, & decided to find a solution to my thread problems.

On of my side hobbies is jewelry making & I have an account at Rio Grande Jewelry Supply. I found a bronze ring blank that is intended as a base for metal clay work, but it screamed spool to me. I used my jeweler’s saw to cut a channel into the side for holding the thread end & mounted it onto a bobbin winder by squeezing a packing peanut inside. It took some manuevering, & careful finger placement to keep the thread from sliding up onto the peanut, but it wound full in about 30 seconds. Et voila!

I’m going to make one for each finger so I can be the Liberace of quilting. Anyways, I’m having a happy snowless Snow Day from work! Yay! -R

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five things about moi


The Modern Quilt Guild has asked bloggers who are going to QuiltCon to write a post with five things that most people don’t know about you. So, without further ado…
One- I’m left handed! I definitely believe that it’s colored the way I see things & makes me march to my own beat. Certain tools are such a pain the the butt to use- don’t get me started on right handed mafia that apparently manufacturers most brands of scissors….
Two- My favorite food is anything made from potatoes. Anything… Just writing this has made me wish for French fries. Here’s a pic of my plate on Super Bowl Sunday:

I ignored half my riblets & did work on those pan fried fingerling potatoes…
Three- I danced ballet for almost nine years & was quite passionate about it. My schools were the serious kind where girls went to prep for the big leagues- we couldn’t wear skirts or cute wrap around sweaters to practice, we couldn’t wear jewelry or have bangs (!), & wearing your costume or even your makeup out of the theater after a performance was a mortal sin… Once, I missed a dress rehearsal by accident & while I was digging into my second helping of mashed potatoes, the kitchen phone rang. It was the artistic director of Ballet Oklahoma, Bryan Pitts, calling to tell us that my ass better be at the Civic Center in 15 minutes or else. Well, my aunt raced me across town & I was met at the backstage door by two assistants who stripped me naked & into costume within 60 seconds! Hello, Vicar! Haha But then puberty hit me with a bang & I realized there’s no room in the world of ballet for 5’8″ tall girls with big boobs! So, that dream sadly ended. But the structure & discipline of the ballet world has stuck with me. I step lightly even now…
Four- The first concert I ever went to was on the lawn of the Oklahoma City Community College & Three Dog Night performed. I think I was about seven or eight & my moms & stepdad took me. To this day, I can sing all their songs. & I’m pretty sure I was eaten alive by chiggers that day.
Five- I miss my big family. I grew up in my grandparents’ home & we always had a TON of people over. Aunts. Uncles. Cousins. Second Cousins. I HATED IT! I would lock myself in the bathroom just to read my books. Literally, there would be people in every corner & they all wanted to be up in mah bidness!! But now my home consists of me, my Steven, & Tonka the cat. I catch myself wondering where everyone is at sometimes… Last weekend, I made a quick trip home & nine of us all went out to eat at Johnnie’s Charbroiler. NINE PEOPLE! & it did my heart a world of good. 🙂

Because I’m an overachiever, here’s a sixth fact- I’m the only person in my family who sews. & if I ever try to talk shop about my quilts, they act like I’m reading verbatim from a set of stereo instructions. Oh, the yawns… This is part of the reason why I love my local guild! They not only appreciate the aesthetics of what make, they want to know about the process behind it & actually understand what I’m saying! QuiltCon is going to be so
much fun, if I can get over my terrible shyness! So, if you see me & recognize who I am, please say hello! I’d love
to hear from you. & I might even have some swag to give you from my magical QuiltCon Tote Bag O’ Mysteries!!! Woot! I’ll post a photo of it next week so you’ll recognize me! See ya then! I’ll be posting about everything on Instagram @rebsrecca!

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TrinityI’ve been sewing for the past few weeks on all sorts of random things, so I thought I’d share a bit.  This onesie is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. C’mon- garment sewing??! My sister-in-law asked me to make it for her brother’s daughter, who is set to be born in the next few weeks.  His favorite video game was Halo, so she wanted to incorporate that into something a little girl would wear. Anyways, I hacked apart a Garanimals onesie to see how it was put together & then cobbled together all kinds of different parts to make this garment.  All it lacks now are snaps & then I need to make a matching hat or headband and some shoes.  My embroidery could be MUCH better, but hopefully she won’t be too upset about it.  I didn’t want to use the preset fonts in my sewing machine, so I designed it on the PC and then thread painted the words. It’s not a smooth satin stitch & that’s my one regret… Here’s the back:


It’s three rows of tulle ruffles, which are adorable!  I could sit here and fluff them for hours.

fluff fluff fluffThen next up was my entry for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Madrona Road Challenge:

Madrona Roach

It’s only about two feet high, so it didn’t take long.  It’s my first finish of 2013, so that’s something!

I’ve got several other projects sitting in the wings.  A Valentine’s quilt. Another Madrona Road mini quilt in the citrus colorway. A tote bag! Oh, the tote bag.  It’s going to be so awesome, I can’t stand it! There aren’t enough hours in the day… Well, thanks for reading!  & I’ll try to post more leading up to QuiltCon!  rebecca





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it’s not a total betty, but a vast improvement…


My giant 8’x8′ design wall is up and I’ve got my rulers organized thanks to 3M Command hooks.


All my rolled up patterns, freezer paper, and mylar rolls now have a safe cubby to call home. This is a first for me!


My chandelier is still yet to be hung, but I won’t let it get me down…


The best part is that I’m back in the saddle again!  Rory is oiled and ready to go! I found my iron after searching every corner of the house!  My rotary blade has been changed! It’s time to get busy, yo!  But it’ll have to wait until tomorrow, though- I’m sleepy! lol  -rebecca




Well, I wanted to submit an entry into Pink Chalk Studio’s Sewing Room Tour, but LAWD HAVE MERCY! Lol I’ve been so focused on making the rest of my new house pretty that I haven’t stepped foot into my studio- except to throw a box in there! No, that’s a lie, I did manage to paint the walls a soft gray color & I built all my Ikea bookcases, but that was it until today. I’ve been shocked by the stuff I’ve been unpacking! Look at this:

Just how many bottles of glue does one person need??? Lol I am most excited over my new chandelier!

It’s from Urban Outfitters and has the most vague installation instructions I’ve ever seen. & this is coming from a woman who just built two rooms worth of furniture using Ikea stick figure diagrams! So, if I don’t get electrocuted, this will jazz up the place quite nicely.
Anywho, oh! I also sorted my fabric stash by color for the first time & arranged it according to ROY G BIV. What an eye opener! I ended up running out of shelves because I separated out all my precuts, giant yardages, velvet, leather, silk, tulle, etc. I’ve got quite the task ahead of me, I think. Plus, I have yet to build my giant design wall or even unbox my sewing machine! Oy. But it’s going to be a great space when I’m done. A room that I’ve always dreamed about… If I stand in the hallway, it almost looks clean! Ha!


i’ll just leave this here…

I belong to the Austin Modern Quilt Guild and they’re having a contest to redesign our logo, so I thought I’d give it the old college try. I’ve been inspired by the color wheel lately- and the illustrations of Patrick Hruby– so I sketched some letters and then just started playing around with shapes & colors. Let me tell you, the letter G was the most difficult & I have no idea why… It took me AGES to make something that resembled a G!!! I think it worked out, though. The deadline isn’t until May 31st, but I should be super busy by that time sewing up quilts for the IQA Houston deadline.

The light in my sewing room has been out for over a week, so I haven’t touched my machine in forever. We have really high ceilings and homegirl does NOT want to wrestle with our rickety ladder to change the bulb. So, I’ve been gently nagging my Steven to do it for me. And then nagging some more. And then maybe a little threatening thrown in for good measure after the first week rolled by… Anyways, yesterday I was working at my desk when I saw him walk by with a ladder and pack of lightbulbs. I had to spy on him very carefully for fear of spooking him. It was like watching a baby deer in the wild! But he actually changed it and I was so happy that I immediately suggested we go out and eat a feast in honor of his manliness. When we got back, I went in there, flipped the switch, and “ZZZZZZTT!!!” the light burned out again. Yikes. I’m guessing something is no bueno in the electrical wiring, but we shall see. Why am I telling this story? Oh yeah, since I haven’t been able to sew, I’ve been drawing new projects to make. Of course, I’ll probably never get around to making them, but it’s been fun to doodle. I fell in love with an Australian felt art piece that was a bunch of rainbow colored scallops, so I sketched something similar to make a little quilt. But truthfully, I need to re-focus on everything I’ve got going on already. We’ll see how it goes! Hopefully, I’ll have light in my sewing room tomorrow & be able to make some headway. Goodnight! rebecca

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moms part two…

Laser cut felt illustration

This image should look familiar if you’ve read my blog from last Mother’s Day. I was inspired by a French art installation and created a piece that celebrated my moms.  It’s been two years since she passed away & it just doesn’t get any easier…

ANYWAYS, on my first version, I cut out each hole from a piece of fabric and turned the raw edges under to the back.  It was easy work with the big holes and not so much as they got progressively smaller.  My bamboo skewer gave way to a tooth pick and after a while, I had my fill of tediousness & put the piece aside.

Close up of laser cutting

So, this year, I decided to turn to my old friend, Ponoko.  It’s a website that can pretty much make anything you dream of into a reality.  You can upload designs to be laser cut or etched onto hundreds of different materials.  They can 3D print anything. If you don’t have any art or CAD skills, they can find you someone who will do it for you.  It’s like a magic dream rainbow factory!  & if you’re thinking, “Well, that doesn’t sound very quilty!” Then let me entice you with the power to create your own acrylic rotary cutting templates!  Can you imagine?  Er. I’ve strayed off topic!  So, I uploaded an Illustrator file to Ponoko and requested that it be laser cut from 2mm thick, cream colored felt.  Then I waited a couple of weeks for it to come back home to me.

When I opened the box, it had a slightly singed smell, but I was able to take care of that by rubbing it with a cucumber face wipe.  And I also had to remove all the little bits from each hole- see below!

crumb city!

I’m sure you can imagine how fun it was to have these little bits o’ felt scatter all up in your living room!  I found a few nestled in my hair & had to furiously keep the cat at bay so he wouldn’t try to eat them.

But now I’m not sure how to finish this little project.  I was thinking about quilting in cream colored thread to create more texture and detail to her hair, but that might spoil the whole spare aesthetic thing going on.  Or maybe work in some tulle or something?  Or chop it down and put it on the wall and be done with it! Who knows…

FYI- Here’s the photo I used to create this whole project. I pray you can see a resemblance in the felt piece! lol

my momma

Sigh.  I love you, moms.  I miss you everyday.  Love, rebecca

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Labor Day Sale @

Just a quick note to tell y’all that C&T Publishing’s website is having a Labor Day sale from Sept 3rd-6th! Everything is 20% off, so if you’ve been thinking about jumping into the world of e-patterns, now is the time! Click over there & browse a bit! The code to use is LD2011. 🙂

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