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TrinityI’ve been sewing for the past few weeks on all sorts of random things, so I thought I’d share a bit.  This onesie is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. C’mon- garment sewing??! My sister-in-law asked me to make it for her brother’s daughter, who is set to be born in the next few weeks.  His favorite video game was Halo, so she wanted to incorporate that into something a little girl would wear. Anyways, I hacked apart a Garanimals onesie to see how it was put together & then cobbled together all kinds of different parts to make this garment.  All it lacks now are snaps & then I need to make a matching hat or headband and some shoes.  My embroidery could be MUCH better, but hopefully she won’t be too upset about it.  I didn’t want to use the preset fonts in my sewing machine, so I designed it on the PC and then thread painted the words. It’s not a smooth satin stitch & that’s my one regret… Here’s the back:


It’s three rows of tulle ruffles, which are adorable!  I could sit here and fluff them for hours.

fluff fluff fluffThen next up was my entry for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Madrona Road Challenge:

Madrona Roach

It’s only about two feet high, so it didn’t take long.  It’s my first finish of 2013, so that’s something!

I’ve got several other projects sitting in the wings.  A Valentine’s quilt. Another Madrona Road mini quilt in the citrus colorway. A tote bag! Oh, the tote bag.  It’s going to be so awesome, I can’t stand it! There aren’t enough hours in the day… Well, thanks for reading!  & I’ll try to post more leading up to QuiltCon!  rebecca





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i’ll just leave this here…

I belong to the Austin Modern Quilt Guild and they’re having a contest to redesign our logo, so I thought I’d give it the old college try. I’ve been inspired by the color wheel lately- and the illustrations of Patrick Hruby– so I sketched some letters and then just started playing around with shapes & colors. Let me tell you, the letter G was the most difficult & I have no idea why… It took me AGES to make something that resembled a G!!! I think it worked out, though. The deadline isn’t until May 31st, but I should be super busy by that time sewing up quilts for the IQA Houston deadline.

The light in my sewing room has been out for over a week, so I haven’t touched my machine in forever. We have really high ceilings and homegirl does NOT want to wrestle with our rickety ladder to change the bulb. So, I’ve been gently nagging my Steven to do it for me. And then nagging some more. And then maybe a little threatening thrown in for good measure after the first week rolled by… Anyways, yesterday I was working at my desk when I saw him walk by with a ladder and pack of lightbulbs. I had to spy on him very carefully for fear of spooking him. It was like watching a baby deer in the wild! But he actually changed it and I was so happy that I immediately suggested we go out and eat a feast in honor of his manliness. When we got back, I went in there, flipped the switch, and “ZZZZZZTT!!!” the light burned out again. Yikes. I’m guessing something is no bueno in the electrical wiring, but we shall see. Why am I telling this story? Oh yeah, since I haven’t been able to sew, I’ve been drawing new projects to make. Of course, I’ll probably never get around to making them, but it’s been fun to doodle. I fell in love with an Australian felt art piece that was a bunch of rainbow colored scallops, so I sketched something similar to make a little quilt. But truthfully, I need to re-focus on everything I’ve got going on already. We’ll see how it goes! Hopefully, I’ll have light in my sewing room tomorrow & be able to make some headway. Goodnight! rebecca

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well, i finished…

I am quite proud of my cabochon because I busted out my plushie 3D sewing skillz! lol It was appliqued from a jelly roll from the Hello Luscious line. I decided I wanted something that was a play off of the real jewelry that I’ve inherited from my momma- But a softer, fluffier version that I can wear all the time! & hold my pins! & I must ashamedly say- Before this bracelet, my only pincushion was a miniature Crown Royal bag stuffed with Polyfil… So, I’m calling this a step up. 🙂 rebecca

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off to see the wizard…


I think I’m finished! I might add a bow to the corner, though… Anyways, my lightbulb moment took me back to how the Wizard of Oz told the Cowardly Lion that he really was courageous on the inside, & the real problem was that he lacked a medal to prove it to the world. I thought maybe I would have more courage, too, if I had my own medal. So, now this little piece is hanging on the wall right by my desk & maybe it will help push me farther than I think I can go. Yay! Happy quilting, Rebecca




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foil madness!!


I really haven’t done much sewing since Houston, so I decided to play with some of the stuff I’ve been hoarding for a while. For about six months, I’ve had two tubes of Jones Tones foil & glue sitting on my dresser patiently waiting for me to get inspiration. I cut some pieces of white fabric & glopped down the glue to see what would happen. After it dried for a few hours, I covered them with the foil & burnished it with a spoon. Let me just say, my arms almost fell off during the process! Someone should make a workout video with this stuff…

But the end result was oooh so pretty! I love me some sparkleriffication!!!

So, now I had to figure out what to do with it. There was a post on the Quilting Arts Facebook page about an Affirmation Quilt Reader Challenge due on December 1st & I had a lightbulb moment. My word of the month has been “Courage”, so I knew exactly what to make. First, I drew my pattern onto the foiled fabric.

The I stuck some stabilizer underneath & thread painted the ribbon area. I don’t have a pic of this part, because frankly, it’s a hairy scary process. About five minutes into a project, you immediately think,” THIS LOOKS TERRIBLE!!! I’M RUINING MY WORK!!!!” But I pressed on & kept stitching until Rory started getting angry with me & making crunchy noises. & then I sewed some more! It took forever and a year, but I did feel rewarded at the end. I think the blue is gorgeous against the silver. Yeah, so then I removed the extra stabilizer & sandwiched it up with two layers of wool batting & some scraps for the back. Then I quilted it in a dark gray isacord thread. Tadaa!

I’m not done yet, btw. It’s going to be trimmed down into a fluffy little appliqué. I’ll post the whole thing when I finish. This seems to be the year of the mini quilt! I’ve made four now, I think. But it’s getting my mind clear & allowing me to be creative without sapping time away from my Thanksgiving duties. Anyways, thanks for reading & happy quilting! Rebs

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i heart mail!!!





I got the new issue of Quilting Arts in the mail today & my little tornado quilt is featured in the “Tag, You’re It! Challenge” pages! I had to peel myself up off the floor so I could peep the details! There’s an inset pic on both pages of the intro spread & one page all for myself. All of the quilts in the challenge seem to play well together, too. So pretty! I am so very proud to be included in one of my favorite magazines!!!! Pokey Bolton just made my day 100% better…

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tag, you’re it


Yesterday was the deadline for one of the Quilting Arts Magazine Reader Challenges called “Tag, You’re It!”. The goal was to create an 8.5″x11″ vertical quilt that incorporated text as a visual element. I really wanted to translate some sort of architecture using words, but everything I really liked would have required a horizontal view. So, I fell back to nature & started looking for something to inspire me. This year has been crazy for tornadoes & since I’m a born & raised Oklahoman, these storms have always been a part of my life. The stories I read about in Alabama & Joplin were heartbreaking, to say the least… So, an idea was born. The tornado says, “A home is more than wood and bricks.” It was made out of commercial cotton fabric & quilted with Isacord thread. It feels good to have something finished, too! I’ve got a million works in progress lying around here. Anyways, thanks for dropping by! -rebecca


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