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my love for target grows & grows

Here’s my latest addition to the sewing room- a little design wall for my miniatures and art quilts.  It’s made from signage that I scored back when I worked for Target.

Here’s two more of the signs:


I think they were from a Mother’s Day campaign about five years ago, maybe?  Anyways, I saw them and fell in love immediately.  My signing specialist told me he would put as many aside as he could when the next advertising campaign had to go up.  So, I have two square ones that are about 3 feet tall and two bigger ones that are about 3 feet by 4 feet.  They are all extremely lightweight!  I mean, who wants a heavy sign dropping on their head while waiting in the checkout lane, right?  Anyways, one of the larger ones was missing the cardboard in the center, so it wasn’t too stable & I used that one as my guinea pig design wall.  I cut a piece of modular foam insulation to fit the opening and wrapped it in the scrap batting from my old design wall.  Then I stapled the crap out of it! Then, I stapled the board to the sides of the frame create a more rigid structure:


I’ll hang it up opposite my gigantic design wall sometime tomorrow when it’s a more reasonable hour in the day to use power tools… Good night! -rebecca


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