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lily!!! an obsessively fabricated giveaway **CLOSED**


In my last post, I told you I went to Market in support of my friend Lily Gonzales-Creed & here she is with Pat Fryer of Villa Rosa Designs. When I first walked around the corner to her booth, this is what I saw:


Doesn’t she look like the happiest person on the planet??! I’m talking children at Christmas time happiness, people… Love it.  Her booth had a split personality because she was debuting two collections for Windham Fabrics with very different themes, but a with a harmonious color palette.  I remember sitting with her and Kim Place at Epoch Coffee a few months ago when she pulled out all the paper elevations to her booth design & thinking, “How on earth is she going to cram all of that in there??” But she did! And it was perfect!


One side featured the line Farm to Fork and her flying pigs made from the bacon print were just about the cutest things ever. She also designed a quilt that will be a free pattern when the fabric releases in April 2014:


The other side of the booth featured the line Ninjas Don’t Sweat (which also comes out next April) and I totally spaced on getting a good photo of her Octopus with throwing stars! Argh. But you can see it over on her blog, plus all of the cool things Kim made her to go in the booth- including all of her dresses! OMG. She had a different handmade outfit from Kim for every day on the show floor. I managed to sew up that quilt up there in the second photo and it’s called Flying Stars.  It (and Lily’s Farm to Fork quilt) were quilted by Jessica Darling of Remnants:Fiber[Culture]. Hopefully, it will also be a free pattern for Windham this Spring.  Woot!

So, let’s get to the giveaway part of the post!  I was lucky enough to get some free fabric from Lily- okay, I may have ran out of her house with it while she wasn’t looking- and I think it would be great to share it with some of my readers, along with some sweet Quilt Market swag, of course.  One person will win some fat quarters (some prints might be smaller, though) of Farm to Fork:


And another will win some fat quarter-ish pieces of Ninjas Don’t Sweat:


And both winners will have some random swag thrown in, like thread or magazines or more fabric. Who knows?! So, all you have to do is leave a comment saying which fabric line you want & also tell me what project you’re working on right now.  After I post this, I have to get hopping on my Schnitzel & Boo mini quilt swap project!  My swap partner lives overseas, so I want to ship it out early. You have until Sunday, November 3rd at midnight to comment and I’ll announce the winners on Monday around noontime CST.  Good luck and Happy Wednesday!! -r

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**now closed** giveaway day!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK TIME TO PLAY!!! I had SOOOO much fun reading through all the comments this week!  It was endless entertainment! Love it.  So, to decide who won, I read each comment aloud during my dinner outing at the Cracker Barrel and we all discussed their awesome-itude and laughed and ate too many dumplins. In the end, we have a winner and it’s Leanne from My Year of Crafting Dangerously!  Here’s her comment:

I caught my breath when I saw this on the SMS giveaway. The Heather Ross Mendocino fabric line is almost an urban legend in New Zealand, with many whispers concerning its existence, but very few have actually seen it. I wonder if it would gain traction if I pieced it together and started a petition for it to become our new national flag, because you know, sewing is our national past-time, up there with being extras on The Hobbit. And these fabrics really would be my preciousss. Thanks for the chance to win them.
This woman wants to start a grassroots political movement with my fabric strips, people!! And she was a hobbit!!! Good lord, I can’t give her this fabric fast enough.  Congratulations, Leanne!! I’ve emailed you for your shipping info already.  Have a wonderful weekend!
What's taters, precious?

What’s taters, precious?

Sew,Mama,Sew! has a Giveaway Day twice a year and I thought I’d share something very close to my heart….


These are nine 3″xWOF strips of Mendocino by Heather Ross for Free Spirit Fabrics.  They are in the blush colorway and are just about the loveliest things in the world….  To win this giveaway, post a comment and tell me how you would use this fabric!  Whichever answer tickles my fancy is the winnah!  I’ll leave this post open  until May 10 at 5 p.m. PST and international readers are welcome!  I’ll ship wherever.  Anyways, hope there’s someone out there who’s jonesin’ for some Heather Ross! Happy Monday! r


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