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loot day!!!


I got my Sliced prize from Moda in the mail today. Huzzah!! That bucket of thread is fabulous!!!

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Well, my pincushion cuff project got me sliced from the Moda competition, but I still got to write up a tutorial for it. I’m not sure when they will post it on the Bake Shop though it’s live now- click here to peep my tutorial & the PDF’s will be up shortly…because I was VERY late with it. VERY. I’m a recovering perfectionist, so I had to fight myself from writing draft after draft & taking millions of photos & fussing with every anchor point in Illustrator! I’m my own worst enemy sometimes, but I got to sew another one during this whole crazy tutorial creation time & it came out just as lovely as can be! I used hot pink felt for the strap and yellow thread in my bobbin (because I had a bright yellow bobbin for some reason & needed to get rid of it!) & this color combination was so happy looking! But it’s only on the inside of the strap, so it’s like a little secret… Anyways, I just thought I’d share in case anyone out there liked my project! Happy Thursday! -rebecca

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lonely teardrops…

I love Jackie Wilson… Sigh… Anyways, my tutorial for the Teardrop Trailer is up at the Moda Bakeshop! Click on over & peruse, if you will! & have a quilty day! – rebecca

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well, i finished…

I am quite proud of my cabochon because I busted out my plushie 3D sewing skillz! lol It was appliqued from a jelly roll from the Hello Luscious line. I decided I wanted something that was a play off of the real jewelry that I’ve inherited from my momma- But a softer, fluffier version that I can wear all the time! & hold my pins! & I must ashamedly say- Before this bracelet, my only pincushion was a miniature Crown Royal bag stuffed with Polyfil… So, I’m calling this a step up. 🙂 rebecca

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silly bands for a serious cause

I’ve finished quilting and binding my ruby silly bands quilt to donate to a silent auction. I learned that one of the guys I went to school with, Cameron Hollars, lost his little girl from complications following open heart surgery. She was just a few weeks shy of her second birthday (Oct. 13th) when she passed away & my heart is broken for Cameron & his wife. So, when I learned that his friends are putting on a fundraiser to help pay for her funeral & medical expenses, I decided to donate this quilt to the cause. Now, let’s hope the postal service can get it to Oklahoma in time for the auction! -rebecca

P.S. If you want to learn more about little Kadynce Hollars, please visit the Miracle for Kadynce Facebook page.

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