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ImageI finished a new project this weekend! It’s a tiny little zippered pouch that’s just over 3″ square.

ImageI’ve had these cabochon rings from Kailea on Etsy that I thought would make a good 3D camera lens for the Instagram icon & went from there.  I printed an image of the lens and the viewfinder onto fabric through my inkjet printer and then covered it with iron-on vinyl to get the shiny effect. Then I inserted the lens into the cabochon ring & pieced the viewfinder into the top part of the camera face. I drafted a pattern that was basically a miniature version of the Craft Passion Pencil Case pattern, but the zipper only runs partway, so there’s only one internal gusset.



ImageI pieced the rainbow strap, backed it in my liner fabric, and sewed it into the side seam on the back side of the pouch. To finish it, I hot glued two pieces of scrap leather with a magnetic clasp onto the end and positioned the other part of the clasp onto the face of the bag.

ImageFor the back, I printed a photo onto fabric, covered it in vinyl, and pieced it into the side of the bag.  The whole bag was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever sewn.  Like, pull your hair out insanity sewing…  I had to think in three dimensions & constantly remind myself of what faces what & how what I’m doing now will affect my project three steps later. When I ended up flipping everything right side out, the photo was HORRIBLY wrinkled.  HORRIBLY. I thought it was ruined, actually, because how do you fix wrinkled vinyl???  But I stuffed the bejesus out of it with Poly-fil & was able to iron out the wrinkles by covering the vinyl with it’s protective cover paper from earlier.  I neglected to do that on the other side & accidentally touched the viewfinder with the iron tip.  The vinyl bubbled up and pulled away in that spot, but I don’t think it looks too bad.  Overall, I am happy! I came up with the idea and drafted the pattern on friday, bought the supplies and sewed on Saturday, then finished up everything in time for a photo shoot on Sunday.  Yay. Now, it’s onto the Madrona Road Challenge for the Modern Quilt Guild.  I’ve only got two and a half weeks! Yikes! rebecca

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wow, i forgot how much work these puppies take!






My pattern called “Summer” is now live on PatternSpot.com! Yippee!!


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coming soon…


It’s been a long time since I’ve written a pattern… I think this little quilt is going to be my next project for PatternSpot.  Woot! -rebecca

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laziest. tutorial. evar. for bolt!

Hello! My Steven & I bought a new house (Yay!), so all of my sewing supplies are currently living sad little lives inside cardboard boxes.  In the interim, I am sitting here at my computer procrastinating because I DO NOT want to pack up yet another load of boxes in this sweltering Texas heat.  I was hoping that once the sun went down, the weather would be much more reasonable, but no.  It’s after 7pm and still feels like 102 degrees! So, whatevs, I’m going to put up this quick tutorial for my bolt quilt.  It’s more like a layout, tbh.  Here you go:

These here are your blocks.

The blocks are made of solid strips of fabric and half-square rectangles.  There’s an excellent tutorial here for HRT’s from the Modern Quilt Guild’s 100 Days of Quilts!  The tall HRT’s in bolt started their lives as 8.5″ long x 2.5″ wide strips and finished at 5.75″ x 2″.  The shorter ones were 4.5″ long and 2.5″ wide and finished at 3.25″x2″.  The solid strips were 5.75″ x 2″.  Feel free to experiment with sizes on your project.  Just make sure your triangle points end up a quarter inch away from the edge or the quilt police will get you…

this is your pattern layout

make some columns!

get the neighbors together for a party!

make it a block party!

done and done

Tips? I’d say you could press all your seams open to make it easy on yourself. Did I do that? Um, no.  I pressed them all to the background.  Then all the blocks in column one were pressed down and all the blocks in column two were pressed up and so on and so forth.  That way, each row nestled in with one another.  Secondly, pin like a beast!  And then pin some more!  A graphic pattern like this relies on precision piecing, so take your time and line EVERYTHING up.  The tops of the lightning bolts should be perfectly straight across…  Here’s bolt one more time:

A quilt top for Gabriel & Gadriel

It actually goes together quite quickly once you’ve figured out what color goes where.  I hope y’all try this quilt out.  Or at least make a pillow or something with it!  Have a good night!  I have storage totes calling out to me!  rebecca


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A quilt top for Gabriel & Gadriel

I finally finished this quilt top! I told myself that I couldn’t put anything else up on my design wall until it was finished, so I guess that lit a fire under me.  It’s about 36×42-ish and after a quick quilting in the ditch will be headed to Oklahoma for my big brother’s twin boys.  Which I will drop a gratuitous photo of them into this post right now:

Gavin & Chasity's twin boys

I took that photo about three weeks ago when they turned two months old, so they are probably twice as big by now!  Too cute.  But I guess this means I better hurry up and finish their quilt before its too small… Happy Saturday!  -rebecca

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sewing samples part two

I finished sewing the strawberry plant and added it to my pattern. I didn’t have access to the good camera, though, so this crappy pic will have to do. I must say, those are some cute berries! Sometimes cuteness can overcome a terrible camera… 🙂

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sewing up samples

I’ve been chillaxing during my long Labor Day weekend with college football playing on the TV and my sewing machine Rory running full speed. I haven’t been able to sit down and sew to my hearts content in a LONG time, so it’s been wonderful! In preparation for the Labor Day Sale @ Patternspot.com, I created a little pattern pack with a ladybug and a strawberry plant. HOWEVER! Photos are a necessary ingredient for patterns & obviously I needed to take some pics of a sewn sample. I stood in my studio and begged the sewing fairies to get down to bidness so I can get some photos online & they pretty much ignored me. So, I sat down and started printing, ironing, cutting, sewing, seam ripping, sewing, DANG IT! seam ripping again, quilting, and finally taking photos. Then I had to add them to my pattern pack in a fanciful way & post everything onto the Patternspot.com I didn’t quite finish, though. The strawberry plant has quite a few pieces and it’s twelve inches tall, so I’m still in the cutting out phase. Oh well, it’ll get done sometime this weekend and I’ll post it on here for you to see. Wow! It’s late! I should probably go to bed… Happy quilting! rebs

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Labor Day Sale @ Patternspot.com

Just a quick note to tell y’all that C&T Publishing’s website Patternspot.com is having a Labor Day sale from Sept 3rd-6th! Everything is 20% off, so if you’ve been thinking about jumping into the world of e-patterns, now is the time! Click over there & browse a bit! The code to use is LD2011. 🙂

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kisses & more kisses

mwah test block

This is my latest project to work on called Mwah! It’s a spin on a pickle dish pattern & I’m sure there will be a few more iterations before I’m happy with it. It wasn’t the easiest block to construct, so I’m going back to the drawing board to find a better way to make it. & of course, everything changes so much when you introduce different colors, so I’m excited about the possibilities here. Hopefully, I’ll get everything written up and diagrammed into a good pattern for the launch of the Pattern Spot. I’ve also got quite a few more things in the works, but they’re in the illustration stage- It might be awhile before I can commit them to fabric. I *will* say there’s definitely more ndns! 🙂 And a few competition pieces. So, back to work!

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WIP: Geometric OU quilt


Today I didn’t feel too well, so I schlepped around the house all day. It wasn’t until about 8pm that I willed myself to go to the cutting mat. Then I busted out two rows on my OU Sooners quilt. There will be six rows total, so I’ve got a bit of work to do still. It should finish at 51″x72″. Oh, & here’s what it looked like about 30 seconds after I took the first pic:


How do they know there’s a quilt top around?? Anyway. I’m going to take some nyquil & hit the hay.


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