Monthly Archives: May 2012

16 fat quarters + 3 bobbins = 1 Sunday


I had gallbladder surgery on May 1st & haven’t really wanted to do anything but vegetate since then. It’s like I have all these deadlines that I want to make, but can’t set foot into my studio! The surgery went well & I pretty much recovered after a week of rest, so I really shouldn’t blame it for my lack of motivation… That being said, I forced myself to sew something today & once I started, I couldn’t stop. I took 16 Flea Market Fancy fat quarters & did a little stack & whack action. It took 12 hours to get my 16 blocks! Of course, I did take a lunch break, dinner break, & a nap, so it really wasn’t that bad. I still have to square them up into 13″ blocks & then piece them all together, but I threw them up on my design wall just to take a sneak peek. This is actually just a background piece for this whole project. Once I finish joining them tomorrow, I’ll start on phase two of four. If I can make myself do it, that is… Sigh. – rebecca